The Safe & Easy Way to Get Up, Down, & Walk Around
The 2-Handled Cane With More Grip & Less Slip
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Never Ask For Help Getting Up Ever Again!

Get Steady, Easy-Up Leverage on the Way Up & The Way Down

  • Ultimate Stability
  • Adjustable Length 33.8” to 37.8”
  • Supports up to 250 lbs.
  • Weighs Less Than a Pound
  • Walk Up & Down Challenging Hills With Confidence
  • Twin-Grip Cane Extends in a Snap
  • Retracts Right Back for Easy Storage
Soft Foam Grip, Built-In Led Light Folds in Seconds, Quadruple Tread Base

Twin Grip Cane: Safe & Easy 2-Handled Cane With More Grip & Less Slip

I-Beam Solid Technology

Do you have to ask for a helping hand when you try to stand? Discover the TwinGrip Cane. The safe & easy way to get up, down, & walk all around. It’s a 2-handled walking cane with less slip and more grip.

The secret is I-Beam Solid Dual Handle Technology. The double handle design gives you Sure-Grip Support for steady, easy-up leverage on the way up and the way down. It means you get 2 grips so you don’t slip. So there’s no stress. No strain. And much less effort than ever before.

You’ll be so stable, you’ll never have to ask for help getting up again!

Twin Grip Cane & EZ-Lift $19.99
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